Don’t stop Go Yonder.

Yonderland is Europe’s largest premium outdoor retailer, offering the very best brands, expert services, and over 40 years’ experience to enable everyone to spend more moments outside.

The outdoors is exciting, relaxing, and inspiring. It is versatile and varied, providing a place to escape for some and the ultimate challenge for others. It’s unpredictable, unexpected, unbelievable. It’s a place to enjoy, to discover and protect, a place where memories are made. We want to share all this with our customers: inspiring, informing and helping them to make memories of their own.

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Discover and explore unlimited

We believe in boundless exploration and want everyone to make the most of every moment spent outdoors. Creating the best memories, no matter how big or how small. The outdoors gives us freedom – not just in body, but in mind too. Your road is depending where your mind allows you to travel.

We’re here to help customers discover and explore the possibilities and benefits of spending more moments outdoors, whatever activity they choose and under every circumstances.

Protect what you love

The outdoors is our home and it’s our responsibility to protect it. Protecting the planet is at the heart of everything we do because we love the outdoors, but we also need it, too.

From sourcing sustainable and durable products to enabling and inspiring customers to use and dispose of their products in a sustainable way, we continuously seek to positively change the impact of our business and products on the environment by facilitating a more circular economy.

Making memories on every journey

For us, it’s all about the journey, not the destination and that’s how we view our business, too. Our goals are big, but how we get there is just as important. However long it takes, we enjoy every step of the journey and once we reach our goals, we simply aim higher.

About us

Yonderland runs over 190 shops in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and The Netherlands, and eCommerce sites for all 8 brands.

Yonderland has its headquarters in Belgium and comprises a number of brands that have a rich history:

You can contact our local brands.
For press or general questions you can contact our office in Hoboken: +32 (0)3-828 30 15.